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KIX Digital

KiX stands as a pioneering fantasy gaming platform where the fervor for sports converges with the principles of decentralized finance (DeFi). The platform has successfully transformed on-chain athlete performance into fungible tokens, introducing a unique and dynamic marketplace. Fueled by rich sports data, KiX gamifies rewards for traders in a distinctive Play and Earn format. With a commitment to innovation, KiX has created an immersive ecosystem where users can trade tokens seamlessly on a decentralized marketplace, creating new possibilities at the crossroads of sports passion and financial innovation.

The problem

The challenge at hand was to elevate KiX's visual presence on social media platforms. With a focus on the fantasy gaming platform's unique intersection of sports passion and decentralized finance, the existing graphics needed a strategic revamp. The goal was to captivate the audience, boost engagement, and create a distinctive visual identity that would set KiX apart in the competitive landscape of fantasy gaming.

The solution

In response to the challenge, I devised a solution that seamlessly blended stunning visuals with my in-depth football knowledge. Leveraging my graphic design expertise, I crafted visuals that not only appealed to the target audience but also resonated with the essence of KiX's innovative approach. By infusing the designs with elements inspired by the dynamic world of football, I aimed to create a visual language that would not only enhance KiX's social media presence but also establish a deeper connection with sports enthusiasts.

Colour Palette

For KiX, I strategically employed a color palette dominated by tranquil turquoise and innovative violet. Turquoise exudes trust, fostering a sense of reliability, while violet adds a touch of technological sophistication. This carefully curated blend aims to convey KiX's commitment to a secure and cutting-edge fantasy gaming experience, harmonizing trustworthiness with modern innovation.

Instagram post - 8.png
"Chuso was instrumental in redefining KiX's visual identity. Their creative prowess and deep understanding of football elevated our graphics, resonating with our audience. The collaboration showcased a keen eye for detail and strategic thinking. Chuso's contributions surpassed expectations, and the positive impact on our brand image is undeniable."

Dave, KIX Digital

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