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Barcelona Soccer Experience

Barcelona Soccer Experience, based in Houston, is a premier soccer academy that offers top-notch training programs for young athletes aged 4 to 12. With a focus on the renowned Barcelona methodology, the academy aims to develop players both technically and tactically while instilling core values and sportsmanship. The academy boasts state-of-the-art facilities, UEFA-qualified coaches, and comprehensive training programs that cater to the needs of aspiring soccer players.

The problem

Despite having an exceptional training program and facilities, Barcelona Soccer Experience faced challenges in effectively reaching and engaging their target audience. The website was outdated and lacked sufficient SEO optimization, which affected its visibility on search engines. The social media presence was inconsistent, making it difficult to promote upcoming events and programs effectively.

The solution

I developed a comprehensive social media calendar to ensure consistent and engaging content across all platforms, focusing on promoting key events such as the annual soccer camp and upcoming tournaments. Additionally, I created a targeted marketing plan for the academy's programs, with a special emphasis on boys aged 4 to 12, to attract new registrations and boost engagement.

Strategy and Management

My involvement with Barcelona Soccer Experience has significantly transformed their digital presence. By optimizing their website and implementing effective SEO strategies, we have seen a marked increase in organic traffic and user engagement. The structured social media calendar has brought consistency to their online presence, resulting in higher interaction rates and better promotion of their events. Furthermore, the targeted marketing plan has successfully attracted new students, filling up programs and camps more efficiently.

I am incredibly pleased with the management and planning provided by Chuso. His ability to set and meet deadlines has been exemplary, ensuring that all our digital marketing initiatives run smoothly and on time. Additionally, his skills in graphic design have been a tremendous asset. He has consistently produced high-quality visuals that perfectly align with our vision and brand. Chuso's work has significantly enhanced our digital presence and contributed greatly to the success of our marketing efforts

Eduardo, Barcelona Soccer Experience

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